Off to Wales

On Friday I’m off to Wales for a few days with Dan and Collective. Collective are taking part in a weekend away with the church Kat is from as a way of showcasing the work she is doing. Dan’s doing the sound and I’m helping with some lighting on the Saturday evening. From Sunday to Tuesday I’m visiting my mum and taking in the scenery of mid Wales between Welshpool and Llanfair, an occasional escape to somewhere and something quite different to life in Colchester. No broadband, so this space may go a bit quiet.

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  1. Richard Smith says:

    Tim, nice blog! How are you finding the journaling? Thanks for linking the Boiler Room blog. I’ll try and keep it exciting. After praying on Greenstead on Monday I think a 24/1 on Greenstead would be a fab idea…how about a prayer room in the Community Centre in July? love Richard

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