Non-church movement

Johnny Baker on his blog site (see the blogs panel on the left) highlighted this very interesting article by Lowell Sheppard who lives in Japan about the ‘non-church movement’. In essence this makes the everyday-ness of life the primary context for living the Christian life rather than the Church. For those of us struggling to make sense of the apparent dualism between being a Christian at church and being a Christian the rest of the time, Lowell’s observations concerning the ‘non-church movement’ in Japan provide a refreshing context for reflection.
Lowell, who I knew when he was Director of British Youth for Christ, writes from a depth of experience that few of us can match, not all of it easy. Check it out.

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2 Responses to Non-church movement

  1. philjohnson says:

    Dear Tim
    First it is nice to see you blogging. Second, thanks for your generous inclusion of my own blog in your list.
    Third, you might want to compare Lowell’s material on the non-church movement in Japan with my own observations (which Lowell himself kindly commented on). So at the risk of looking self-interested, if you want some more background on the plus and minus features of the movement in Japan, then check me out on this post
    Grace & Peace

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Thank you for highlighting your post on this subject – the background and ecclesiological perspective is really helpful. I think there are some challenging insights here for us as we explore ways of reaching young people on one of the estates in our area and particularly how we encourage them to be authentic disciples. Insights from the non-church movement certainly challenge some of our cultural captivity to existing models of Chrisian worship, fellowship and service.

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