Embrace at Islington Academy


On Friday Dan and I went with a couple of other friends and about 750 others to the impromptu Embrace gig at Islington Academy. The ‘support’ act was Germany vs. Costa Rica on large screen video – far more entertaining than many support bands I’ve seen.
Danny’s vocals were still a bit shaky (after losing his voice completely earlier in the year), but with more vocal support from the rest of the band they just about carried it off ok. This was a warm up gig prior to embarking on their tour so it was a marathon set of 20 songs over 2 hours – good value for money if you’re a fan which, clearly, everybody was.
Embrace’s anthemic sing-along feel-good songs are something of a musical first cousin to a certain style of worship music that draws big crowds and creates a similar audience response. Looking round there were moments when it would have been easy to imagine we were at a Christian worship event. But then, real worship is something that comes from the heart, not from the stage.

Here’s a photo album of pics.

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