After school community (after exams!)

Our after school community keep turning up to chill, to chat and to explore, in a conversational kind of way, all that it means to be a worshipper. This week, among other things, we showed them the DVD of the Hillsongs United 2003 conference in Sydney. “This is what 20,000 people worshipping together looks like,” we said.
“Can we go?” they asked.
“Not to Sydney,” we replied, “But how about a Sunday evening at the Hillsong church in London?”
They all said yes. Some shouted “Roadtrip!!”

So we’re working on taking them all at the end of July. They’re hungry to experience something that’s obviously worship for people like them – it will be interesting to see what they make of it. They’re a discerning bunch, these young people. We showed them a clip of a ‘skater church’ and they questioned how much it was church and how much it was just people having a good time together (not that that’s not a good thing for Christians to do). So I’m fascinated to see what they make of 2000 young and beautiful people singing along to a rock style worship band in a London theatre.

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