Willowcreek Axis – another finale


Following my post below about the end of ‘The Mix’ youth worship event, I read that the Axis twenty-something congregation within the Willow Creek South Barrington church is to end it’s separate worship gatherings in order to re-focus its mission and priorities. From the autumn Axis members are encouraged to be part of the main worshipping congregation, whilst maintaining their distinctive expressions of fellowship and mission. You can read the news first hand here.

However, what really interested me was a post by Dan Kimball on the relationship between alternative congregations and their mother church. Dan explores the cultural differences between congregations that simply express a generational difference and those that reflect a more challenging worldview difference compared to the mother church. It’s quite a long post, but well worth a look – he says some important things, especially to anyone trying to develop a new worshipping community out of an existing one.

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