Official start to the summer hols

Dans_party_2It was Dan’s birthday party last night – an event that has somehow come to define the official beginning of the summer holidays for us. As usual, the date of the party slightly preceded his actual birthday because he, and many of his friends, will be at Soul Survivor then. The, by now essential, prerequisites of a barbecue and a bouncy castle were supplemented in the lighting department by an assortment of disco lighting, lasers and a mini strobe, left with us for safe keeping by our friend Steve G.
As the daylight fades, the ambience of the garden changes as the lighting transforms the definition of trees, edges, shapes and spaces. The ecclectic mix of chilled trance, upbeat house and rocking worship served up by iTunes provided the perfect backdrop to much bouncing, laughter, conversation and even a few prayers. Feels like the summer.

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  1. Jas says:

    Oh look, its a rather fetching picture featuring me.

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