Twenty-somethings weekend

Dolphin_courtI’m off to Letton Hall in Norfolk this weekend with a bunch of twenty-somethings from my church. I’ll be speaking on ‘Community’ and, what with the relaxed surroundings, great food from Mrs P, our legendary cook, the go-karting and many opportunities for just being community, I expect most people will remember the weekend long after they’ve forgotten my spoken contributions. But surely that’s the main thing – community is caught, not taught.

If you’re interested in tracking some interesting research and a number of current conversations about how this age group often misses church, check out these links.

A report from the Barna Group reporting on the way most twentysomethings shelve their faith even after being spiritually active as teens.
A reponse from Fernando Gros
The Exodus Papers – the downloadable account from the blog of Josh Brown of eight people under 25 who, previously active in churches, felt the need to escape. Honest accounts from a bunch of people who are working to make faith work post-church.

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  1. josh says:

    thanks for the link. nice site. i just looked around and i’ll be back for sure.

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