Dawkins – The need to believe?

An interesting review today here in the Sunday Times as Rod Liddle considers Richard Dawkins new book, “The God Delusion”. Liddle has little time for Christianity, but here he reveals that he also has little time for ‘evangelistic atheism’ and deconstructs Dawkins argument, revealing the faith inherent in Dawkins leap from scientism to atheism.
Liddle concludes:

It is evident in the fury and passion with which Dawkins et al advance their cause: they proselytise, they evangelise, they demand our repentance and our acceptance of their own creed. I’d rather treat science as a wonderful human creation for describing the world around us — often in metaphors that have an agreeably biblical ring to them. And, at the same time, I suspect — Betjeman called it, in a lovely oxymoron, a “faint conviction” — that we do not know everything, nor ever shall, and that there is a ghost somewhere in the machine.

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