Science goes pomo

Science_studentsI suppose it was bound to happen eventually. A new science curriculum “Scientific literacy for the 21st Century” has gone a bit postmodern by aiming to teach “the nature of science and how it works”, and getting students to debate topical issues in class. There are articles about it in The Times and at the BBC. Perhaps a bit like the science equivalent of media studies. Top science bods have labelled it as “more suited to the pub than the classroom”, though in my experience discussing topical science issues down the pub tends to happen quite a lot anyway, if not in any depth.
In fairness, it seems this will be one of two science subjects that students will study, the other being more ‘pure’ or ‘applied’. There is also a clear benefit in young people having a better grasp of the issues and thinking behind the pseudo-science headline grabbing of the media, if that’s what this course will achieve.
But it interesting how even science education is beginning to respond to the new standards of personal relativism.
Into this new mix of deconstructed science there is also the new(ish) Christian organisation Truth in Science which has the lofty aim of being impartial in the whole evolution/creation debate and seeking to be true both to the science behind our origins as well as the limitations of our knowledge. I wish them well.
Personally, I’m with the approach that sees science principally as revelation. As Einstein apparently said, “I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are details.”

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