Schools spirituality survey

SurveyformsWe’re nearly there with getting the last of the survey forms in and the data entered so we’ll be seeing some results soon. As I mentioned earlier, getting the questionnaires completed has been more of a challenge than some schools anticipated, none of which has diminished their commitment to, or interest in, this project.
I’ve already had a few requests for more info from people who are interested in trying this in their own area, which is encouraging. If that’s you, do keep in touch, but please hang on for a bit until we’ve had a chance to review some of the findings and methodology so that we can all be sure of making the most of this opportunity.
One of the early stats that has emerged from one school in a large village is that 35% of students in Year 10 know someone who goes to church ‘often’. It would seem the Christians in Year 10 are reasonably well known by their peers and are open about their involvement in church. Of course, there could be one very extrovert Christian known by about a third of the year group! Since it’s possible to draw such varied conclusions from the stats we’ll be supplementing the quantitative data with some qualitative interview or discussion based research with small groups linked to the original questionnaire.
And one interesting finding is that quite a few young people seem to believe in life after death but not in any spiritual dimension to life which raises some interesting questions! We hope to pursue such questions with small groups sometime next year.
More soon…

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  1. sally says:

    Interesting stuff Tim… can’t wait to hear more… but I will be patient!

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