CYO Celebration

On Sunday evening about 300 people packed into St. Botolph’s church for our annual celebration.
These occasions used to be our AGM. Fortunately, over a period of a few years, a metamophasis has taken place so that now, rather than focussing on our reports (yawn) we spend the evening focussing on God which is not only a better thing but more enjoyable too.

One of the exciting changes that’s taken place is the average age of those taking part has dropped and this year was no exception. Of the 20 people involved on stage one way or another (including our Patron, the local Bishop), 15 were under 30, including the speaker. In the band, ten of the twelve were under 30 and three of these were under 20. The congregation was a total mix of ages, from early teens to 70’s (at least!).

Through sung worship, the spoken word, testimony, reflective meditation and prayer we considered and celebrated God’s love for us It was an amazing evening of pure unreconstructed band-led worship, clear proclamation and quiet reflection.

Mc_reckless1The band from the local monthly event, Xalt, were supplemented by guest bass player and guitarist, a four piece backing choir from London and our friend Matt, who, as MC Reckless, stirred up a storm of praise in the final set of songs.
Kat, from Collective, spoke about God the Father’s love with a clarity and conviction that touched many. Richard and Lynsey created an oasis of reflection through a guided meditation on the Prodigal Son and Amy helped us to pray again over the hopes and dreams we’d shared with God in the prayer activity the previous year. It was awesome to see how many of last year’s prayers are already being fulfilled.
Simon and Mark made the whole thing look and sound great and Jason and his video crew turned words, video and live camera shots into a seamless whole.

In between hosting one or two bits, encouraging members of the team before and after they stepped up to take part, and allowing myself to be caught up in worship, I managed to get round with Dan’s camera. There’s a photo set on the left.

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  1. sally says:

    looks like an amazing night Tim. It is so good to see young people worshipping in this way

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