Did I miss something…?!

Back from a bit of a blog break – not an intentional one, life just seemed to blow that way. Lots on and not enough energy left over to write anything meaningful about it. However, I have been reading and commenting a bit, so some of my thoughts have ended up elsewhere.

I occasionally wonder whether it’s not that I’m doing too much, but too many. The last week included the following:
A Christian Impact study group considering Jim Wallis’ book, “God’s Politics”; a regional youth and schools workers day; arranging hosts for Collective, the schools band based here; meeting someone about setting up a Street Pastors project here in Colchester; Holy Joe’s, our weekly sixth form group; team prayer times; meeting with two church leaders to pray for one another; mentoring a local youth and schools worker; hosting a youth leaders prayer breakfast and running PA for Collective on Friday and Saturday evening. In and around all this was the regular stuff of leading a youth and schools ministry, including recruiting two new team members. I’ll be glad when they’re in place.

Joel and I went to see “Borat..” on Wednesday. At one level it’s hilarious, but I also felt the dark shadow hanging over the film. I have a low threshold when it comes to the public embarrassment of others and that is pretty much what this film is about. You know just from watching that most of the people featured did not know the truth about what they were being filmed for.

Surprise “Breath of God” moment of the week was the evening service at church where the worship was led by one of the new influx of young adults – I spoke on ‘community’ at their weekend away in September. Jamie is a gifted and transparent worship leader who also writes great worship songs and can turn his hand to some nifty arrangements too. Thanks Jamie – I needed that.

And so to a new week. I hope to keep up…!

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