Christianity in cultural diversity

ColchesterinstituteOn Thursday Collective and I were in Colchester Institute seeing two groups for a 2 hour session each on ‘Christianity’ as part of a cultural diversity module. They’ve previously had a Muslim in to take a similar session. The aim is to help students understand what Christians really believe and their response to various issues, particularly those that might arise when dealing with people in a health and social care setting. We looked at the main Christian beliefs, Christians’ response to moral and ethical issues and what we thought about some of the current issues in the wider world.
It was a great opportunity to be honest and personal about what it means to believe and the difference being a Christian makes to our lives. There was quite a bit of discussion, questions and answers and a few good laughs too.
It all seemed to go down very well, judging by the reaction of the students, though I guess we’ll only really know once we get some feedback from the tutor. They’d like us back though, so that must be a good sign.

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