Toughest God questions

Questions_1Over at e~mergent kiwi Steve Taylor has started a thread titled, “my God questions tougher than your God question”. It’s a growing collection of the genuinely tough questions that people sometimes ask of Christianity. His post leads with these for starters;

Why do kids suffer?

Why did God invent cancer?

What about Buhddists, they seem ok to me?

Why do you priests fiddle with kids?

Does God have an ego problem?

Why do Christians fight each other?

Would God forgive Hitler?

What about all the killing in the Old Testament

In the same sense that a heroin addict only has an illusion of choice over taking some heroin that is in front of him, does a child born to Fundamentalist Muslims in Saudi Arabia ever really have a choice to follow Jesus?

If we really have free will, how come it’s impossible for us to choose to not sin at all tomorrow?

If a devout Christian gets true amnesia and forgets who they are and stop being a Christian, then was he ever saved? And which begs the question of, if our soul is clearly not attached to memory, for memory is an aspect of the brain, what knowledge will we take to Heaven?

Does a Christian still go to heaven if he/she commits suicide?

If a Christian converts to another religion, are they still saved?

What happened to people before Jesus? Did they all go to hell? If not, where did they go?

Did God create life in the universe outside of earth (i.e. aliens)?

Who made God?

Why does God chose to condem some people to hell?

When Jesus died for your sins, so that your sins were removed, when you backslid away from God, did Jesus “undie” for you sins?

Check out some of the comments and other questions raised so far and contribute to the debate. No answers at this stage though – that will be attempted later.

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