Open Source software

Tis the season of good will to all and of generous giving, so here’s a web site that fulfils all of the above.
Osalt_logoAs it’s name suggests, Open Source Alternative aims to provide easy access to high quality open source alternatives to well-known commercial products. Open source software is developed and updated by a world wide community of people who make the final software freely available for anyone to download and use.

Firefox(The Firefox web browser and OpenOffice office suite are examples of Open Source software that we use at CYO.)Ooo2logo

The site lists commercial (paid for) applications and then lists open source alternatives that provide the same or similar functionality. All of the products featured are free to download and use, legal, safe, and often provide all the features most people need.

In a similar vein, The Guardian has an article featuring their 100 most useful web sites of 2006. [ht Jonny Baker] Have a quick look to spot your favourites and you’ll probably also find a few useful sites that will be new to you.

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