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Colu_layerroadIt was my birthday on boxing day so Dan and I went to watch Colchester United beat Luton 4-1. Colchester were promoted to the Championship at the end of last season and after a shaky start have been steadily working their way up the table, currently 7th and just outside a play off place for the Premiership. This is an amazing record for a club that has one of the smallest grounds in the country with a capacity of about 6000 (average capacity of clubs at this level is c.18000).
It was a great match, the first goal for Colchester coming after 23 minutes followed by a second just before half time. Goals in the second half after 59 and 65 minutes brought Col U to a convincing 4-0 lead. When Luton scored a penalty at 85 minutes the atmosphere in the stands was relaxed to say the least. A couple of the Colchester goals came from some swift and effective attacking play the length of the pitch. Great stuff.
Colchester have been winning a few games away, but it’s the home advantage that’s paying off with a 10 game unbroken winning record at home, a record that’s starting to attract some press interest here and here. The crowd may be small but they make up for it in relentless support. And the small ground brings players and supporters much closer together – a factor that often spooks the visitors!

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  1. sally says:

    Happy Birthday Tim… we’ve been following Colchesters progress up here in the wilds of Norfolk, it’s good to see them doing so well…

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