Blogging tips for 2007

TypepadpostNew Year – a good time to review the past year and make resolutions about the coming year, even in blogging.
Andrew Jones, aka tallskinnykiwi, is a blogging legend who has inspired many others and posts his 15 blogging tips for 2007. Among his gems of wisdom he looks at the issue of how to make sure your blog gets high enough up the rankings to be found easily by someone searching for the subjects you blog about. I can accept that if you’re saying something you believe is worth saying then it makes sense that people should be able to find it and, to be fair, it’s easy for the good stuff to get lost in all the other stuff out there. But I’m uneasy about chasing rankings, or keeping too much of an eye on my user stats. Perhaps that’s just me…

I started blogging in May 2006, inspired by people like Johnny Baker and the aforementioned tallskinnykiwi and I still feel like I’m finding my feet. For me it’s more about a conversation, a kind of relationship, with a bunch of people most of whom I don’t know in the conventional sense. That means I don’t really expect people to find me. Instead, I see it as my responsibility to find others and to take the initiative to enter into a blog relationship with them. That involves moving beyond lurking or surfing my RSS feeds to interacting through commenting or occasionally emailing. Others may reciprocate by watching my posts or by commenting or they may give me a miss. That’s up to them – it’s the nature of relationships.

I think my main blog resolutions for this year are:
– to blog smarter, meaning a bit more focus and depth to posts
– beware the temptation of posting trivia and
– to work harder at building the sort of meaningful blog relationships that inspire and encourage others.

Thanks for stopping by.

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