Apple – welcome to 2007

Macworld today, and three significant products make the light of day, along with a significant announcement. I was going to try not to say anything but…

IphoneTop billing, of course, goes to the iPhone – Apple’s brilliant harmony of form and function shows up the sadly lacking approach of so many attempting to make a phone a music player, or a PDA a phone, or a phone a kind of cut down PDA (still managing with my Nokia 6680!). The iPhone redefines the standard, though understandably at a price ($499 for the 4GB, $599 for the 8GB).

Apple_tvNext big thing was the TV and media interface, the Apple TV (formerly referred to as iTV). Apple TV will stream media from iTunes, iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on your computer at up to 720p Hi Def and includes a 40GB hard drive. It can sync on demand or automatically, downloading content or playing back content already stored on your computer and it works with both a Mac or a PC. And I think it’s very accessibly priced at £199.

Airport_extremeBut the third product is, for me the dark horse of the pack. The new Airport Extreme is not only a very fast (802:11n) wireless base station, but, via a usb port, can also be used with a usb hard drive as a shared network drive and/or as a usb print server. The device offers configurable security and access levels and it works with Mac’s and PC’s. At £119 for Airport Extreme, plus c.£120 for a usb hard drive it makes for a great package, and about half the price of Microsoft’s proposed ‘Home Server 2007’.

Details, blogs, commentary and reviews of these new products are everywhere, but if you want a one-click link try these:
Daniel Eran at Roughly Drafted has articles and pictures about the iPhone, the new Apple TV device and Airport Extreme.
Or check out the Apple site for info about the iPhone, Apple TV and Airport Extreme.

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