Missional Leadership

Well, that’s it. I’ve finally put the form in the post and signed up for a course in Missional Leadership which is being run by Together in Mission as an extension course of Birmingham Christian College and the University of Wales. If I can keep going at an acceptable standard for three years I’ll get an MA out of it. Check back here in 2010!

I’ve been wanting to follow some kind of study for a while now; a growing call to sharpen my understanding of what we do and what I am called to. There are quite a few good courses around now and I was starting to investigate them, download brochures and so on. But God knows I sometimes need a nudge to move from deciding to decision and it was some friends in Ipswich, 20 mins up the road, who found out about this and will be hosting it. The content of the course, the opportunity to study locally and with friends, and the need to pull my finger out and sign on the dotted line in January all seems perfectly crafted by the God I know and, more to the point, who knows me. And I have what can only be described as that hesitant certainty that this is right.

I’m looking forward to the reading, the listening, the discussing and even the writing and hope to post on it as we go along.

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