New team worship day

Today we welcomed Tom into the team as our new Schools Worker. Because of this we’d slightly delayed our annual new year week of prayer to be able to include him. When we’re all in, there are now eight of us including, this morning, our part time finance manager.

The programme for the day started with lectio divina looking at the story of Jesus calling the fishermen (Mark 1:14-20). This took longer than anticipated (which was great) because of the insights that people shared and the prayer time that flowed out of it. There followed a tea/coffee break and some social banter!

For the main part of the day I wanted each member of the team to be able to tell a little of their own story of faith, along with their own personal sense of vision, so far as they were able to articulate it. After each person had spoken we prayed for them, sharing any words or scriptures. The question I asked was:

Why are you still a Christian?

On the face of it this is a very scary question. But the point was to get past a basic re-telling of our ‘testimony’ which can often focus on ‘how I became a Christian‘ and get people talking about the reality of their life today and their sense of the place of God in it all. The resulting humility, honesty and openness deepened our understanding of each other and created some important moments of prayer, the prophetic and of real pastoral interaction.

We finished the day with a very simple breaking of bread and open prayers of thanks for the work of Christ in dying and rising for us.

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