Roadwarriors – you’re crazy

Yesterday Tom (new schools worker) and I had to drive from Colchester to Westbury, Wiltshire, for a meeting with the guys at GSUS Live about the next visit of their mega mobile classroom to our area in the autumn. Including our one hour meeting this round trip of 370 miles took us 12 hours, nearly half of which was on the M25.
Some roadwarriors do this every day – they’re crazy. They wear away at their own humanity even as they wear away at the environment.
But, as I’ve often said; to be in a traffic jam is to be part of the problem.

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2 Responses to Roadwarriors – you’re crazy

  1. sally says:

    that is crazy Tim- there must be other ways!

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    I think we need better ways of working, not just better ways of getting about. It’s worrying what we get used to and what we take to be normal. Tom and I commented when we got to Westbury that it was a shame we didn’t get to properly experience the place we were visiting or the places we had passed through. It’s like… we’ve lost the art of the journey – everyone just wants to arrive.

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