Stopping a good thing

In the last couple of days two blogs that I follow have decided to call it a day and sound the last post.
Andrew Hamilton – ‘Hamo’ to his friends, blogged as Backyard Missionary for four years. On January 18th he made his last post – the list of comments from well-wishers continues to grow. And today Roy Hutchinson at hutchblog made his closing down announcement after 2 1/2 years. It will be sad to lose both of these bloggers, each of whom have made consistently thoughtful and entertaining reading over the years.

It’s a rare and important skill to be able to know when to stop, especially when everything is still going well, and not just when it comes to blogging. As Christians, and particularly as Christian leaders, we’re absolutely the bomb when it comes to starting things – I mean, if there’s a bit of vision going and we can find some people to help us make it happen, boy we get it started. And generally, it has to be seriously past its sell-by date before we even begin to wonder if we should stop.
So I’m always really impressed by people who can see the bigger picture to the point of being able to stop a good thing, even when there’s no obvious next thing to take its place. We’ve a few such stories in our own ministry here – perhaps I should post about them sometime.

But for now, I just want to record my thanks to ‘Hamo’ and ‘Hutch’ for doing a good thing… and for having the guts to stop.

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3 Responses to Stopping a good thing

  1. hamo says:

    Thanks Tim – much appreciated.
    You are very right in saying that ‘stopping’ is much harder than starting!
    Hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of years and we will be able to share the journey again

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Thanks Hamo. Trust the journey goes well.

  3. Tim Abbott says:

    Thanks Hamo. Trust the journey goes well.

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