Apparently absent

This week my head has felt like it was in the slow lane thanks to a weird headache ‘n’ cough combo which has drained serious amounts of energy and compromised the beauty sleep; hence life hasn’t been so beautiful. That hasn’t stopped me from being completely involved with the rest of the team in schools and in preparations for a week of mission, but this in turn has further sapped any remaining brain energy for blogging. Which is why it’s been a bit quiet here.

In general, if blogging gets squeezed out for any reason (lack of time, tiredness, lack of clear ideas for posts, being away) I tend to remain silent, not wishing to further dilute whatever might be worth reading here and saving you a pointless entry in your reader, so in general if there’s no activity here for a few days you can have the fun of guessing why. Apart from this week, ‘cos now you know.

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