Fishy driving

Fishbadge_1Today, pulling away from some traffic lights, I watched incredulous as in front of me a grey ‘R’ registered Ford Galaxy with a prominent fish badge aggressively forced it’s way in a merging stream of traffic nearly causing the driver on the inside to climb the curb in terrified self defence.

MergeThis is why I
a) refuse to have a fish badge on my car (sorry, but I think it’s cheesy to the max)
b) choose not to drive aggressively (assertively, yes; aggressively, no).

In the course of my work I get to visit many churches in the Colchester area so I’m fascinated to see if the aforementioned Ford Galaxy shows up at any of the church car parks I shall be frequenting in the near future.

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2 Responses to Fishy driving

  1. I’d like to say…
    ‘Oh – it’s just the individualistic mindset society puts on us by forcing us to drive in individual automobiles…’ but – sadly – christians are just as jerky (not just while driving) as most others…

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Mike – sadly true. I know several Christians who develop an evil alter ego when they get behind the wheel. I’m still smiling at the possibility of spotting this one in a church car park thought!

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