Manga Bible

MangabibleWe came across this today and think it looks awesome.

The Manga Bible is the creation of Siku, one of Britain’s leading comic book/concept artists who has worked for 2000AD, Marvel and COM X as well as being artistic director for several games studios.

The Manga Bible is available in two versions, raw (small format) and extreme (large format) which also contains the full tNIV translation. You can get the NT now. Siku is working on the OT at the moment.
On Siku’s web site there’s a download section which includes sample spreads from the book (the temptation of Jesus, the crucifixion and the beginning of Revelation) as well as an interview with Siku and some other bits ‘n’ pieces. He’s also written some background stuff about his life and the news and blog sections give the skinny on progress with the rest of the Bible.

Getting young people to read the Bible has always been a challenge. But from the samples, it looks unputdownable.
We’re ordering ours now, and we’ll let you know what the reaction is!

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