God is green

MarkdowdI was glad to watch another piece of well written, well researched and sypathetically presented programming on a religious subject on Monday night as Mark Dowd examined the record of various faiths in their approach to the environment.
Through the wonders of Sky+ Amy has the programme saved so if you missed it get in touch with us at CYO and we’ll see what we can do. This obviously only applies to readers in some kind of direct contact with CYO!

There is a good write up, with further links, on the Channel 4 web site here.

Marc Alton-Cooper, at creation-blogs, has an interview with Mark Dowd here.

If making green choices is proving difficult, an article in The Times on Saturday examined the respective environmental costs of flying roses in from Kenya against growing them in greenhouses in Holland. Guess which is greener… or click here for the article.

And finally, in a world of consumer and ethical choices that can leave us with option paralysis (do I drive further to buy more ethical or environmental products) Kester writes in this post,

I think there is a way out. A third way between blind belief in the goodness of our actions, and the tangled web of hopelessness. It is what I would call ‘the symbolic life’.

What he describes embraces both gift and grace and suggests a way of making a difference whilst living at peace with our decisons. Very helpful.

[Pic: Channel 4]

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