Things Christians do in church that are annoying

HandsupHemant Mehta is the FriendlyAtheist and has posted a hilarious 20 things that Christians do in church that annoy me. Hemant, most of them annoy me too! See if you recognise your church somewhere in his list. Here are a few favourites…

1. Wave their hands in front of my face making it impossible to see the stage.
(Will you put your hands down? I get it. They’re singing a song. I’m happy, too. Use your mouths, people. Jesus doesn’t love you any more because your hands are in the air.)

7. Perform a skit that is supposed to tell the day’s message.
(They’re not funny. And frankly, the kids are bad actors. Let’s get to the sermon already.)

18. Pastors tell stories without giving citations.
(“There’s this true story of a guy who [insert random Bible-based act here]…” If it’s true, give me some actual facts.)

19. Pastors ask questions with obvious answers.
(“Who here believes the Lord is going to save them today?!” I think the people in church are going to say “yes.” Call it a hunch.)

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3 Responses to Things Christians do in church that are annoying

  1. Pete Lev says:

    Great list – frightening, but true!

  2. John Smulo says:

    That was funny! But the best humor is always based on the truth.

  3. Tim Abbott says:

    Pete & John,
    Indeed! Observational humour is often the funniest. I think it was Tony Campolo who said, “We have listened to our critics and they are partly right.” (Partly Right was the title of one of his books – Paternoster Press, Sep 1987)
    Any serious missional apologetic will listen carefully to the voice of critics. Like catching sight of yourself unexpectedly in a mirror in a shop, they show us a reflection of ourselves we weren’t expecting to see, but might well need to take note of.

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