Honest cop

This has been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks, but for an instant youth group discussion about honesty you’d be hard pressed to beat the story of Police Chief Richard Knoebel from Kewaskum, Wisconsin, who gave himself a $235 fine and four points on his own drivers licence for committing a traffic violation.
There’s an article about him, plus a pic, here.
All this happened back in September but only came to light recently when a local paper was going back over court records.

Here are a few questions for starters:

What would you do if you knew no one was watching and you’d get away with it?
What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard?
Why do you think the Chief of Police gave himself this penalty?
What excuses could he have made?
How might he have felt if he’d ‘got away with it’ (including if he had to stop someone on a future occasion for the same violation?)
Can you think of any situations when breaking the law would be justified?
If I do something wrong and no-one sees or is harmed by it, is it still wrong?
What do you think God thinks about this police officer?
What do you think this Police officer might think about God?

Isaiah 29:15
Proverbs 15:3

You can probably come up with other questions that will work well with your group.

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