Streams of living water

StreamsoflivingwaterI’ve been meaning to post a few words about the Missional Leadership course a couple of weekends ago. The bit that spoke most to me was the section on a balanced spiritual life, drawing upon Richard Foster’s reflections in his book Streams of Living Water. I must buy this book.

His six dimensions of the balanced spiritual life are:

1. Contemplative – the prayer filled life. This is the place of intimacy with God, the one to one relationship. “When you pray, go into your room and close the door.” (Jesus)
2. Holiness – the virtuous life. The practical outworking of being transformed from glory into glory, of shaking off the old and taking on the new, of defeating sin and becoming more Christ like.
3. Charismatic – the Spirit empowered life. The manifest presence of God, the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit at work in a believer.
4. Social Justice – The compassionate life. God’s heart of justice made tangible in all areas of life.
5. Evangelical – The Word centred life. The study and application of God’s word and the proclamation of the good news.
6. Incarnational – The sacramental life. Making tangible and visible the realm of the Spirit in ways that build spiritual life and testify to the reality of relationship with God.

Seeing these six aspects set out together was a revelation. I recognise each of them, but to embrace them as a fully rounded spiritual life made me reflect not only on my own life, but also the spiritual life of the organisation and people I serve in CYO.
Even more challenging was to see how these six aspects might be reflected missionally in our work with young people. I can see how we are Evangelical and seek to reflect God’s heart of justice. Also how we aspire to the Charismatic and the incarnational in our relationships. Obviously we need to work out how to incorporate holiness and contemplation in appropriate ways.

How are these things reflected in your life, your church, your ministry? It’s given me much to think about.

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