Beauty re-imagined

SlobevoAt the moment we’re in the thick of doing lessons with 10 groups of Year 9 students on choice in sexual relationships. Part of the lesson gets students thinking through the influence of the media on their perception of sex and sexuality which naturally includes the issue of image. This morning this brought up the Dove evolution video from last year, which raised the issue of how ‘real’ images of beauty are.
Whilst showing my colleague Tom this video we came across this hilarious spoof, slob evolution. Hilarious, that is, until the final statement which raises a few issues.

Whilst on the subject of computer enhanced beauty, you might also like to look at PortraitProfessional, a piece of software (Windows only) that is free to download and use non-commercially. It claims to be…

…the world’s first touch up software that actually knows about human beauty. Because of this, PortraitProfessional can do things that other photo editing packages such as Photoshop simply cannot do. PortraitProfessional has been trained with many examples of beautiful faces so that it can automatically and subtly beautify any particular face, as much or as little as you want, exceptionally fast, and with no painting or drawing skill required.

There is a gallery of examples on their web site.

[via: Think Christian]

I thought this was going too far until someone told me that, without asking, their photographer had photoshopped their wedding photos to ‘improve’ them. Scary!

If you really want to spook your young people about what celebrities look like before the make-up department gets stuck in, try here and here.

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