One amazing day

Today has been an amazing day. Highlights include…

1. Standing at the back of a school hall while our new schools worker, Tom, and a local youth worker took an assembly. I can’t quite put into words how I felt, but for me it was a supremely significant moment as I saw the work that I had fulfilled for over 10 years released into the hands of others.

2. Helping a group of Year 9 students (in the same school) to think about the choices that people make in sexual relationships and being both heartened and seriously worried by some of their answers. We got back to the office and prayed.

3. Having my son Dan join us (for the first time) for two question and answer style RE lessons with Year 8 and Year 10 students in the local Grammar School and hearing him talk so confidently about his faith and gaining the respect of the students.

4. Helping with a youth cafe that started as follow up after a mission over a year ago in the first school mentioned here and seeing the transformation in the lives of so many of these young people, some of whom come from quite chaotic or unsympathetic backgrounds.

Next week we’re involved in a mission in a small town and its secondary school which is apparently stirring up the churches there to plant a new expression of church for young people.
And we’ve just had an invitation to do an assembly on the stopthetraffik campaign from a school we haven’t been able to visit for over a year.

This is a great job! Just thought I’d let you know.

UPDATE – 10 March: whilst all this was going on other team members were also having amazing days – Amy’s blog covers some of the other great stuff that God was doing among us.

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2 Responses to One amazing day

  1. sally says:

    wonderful- esp no. 3

  2. Amy says:

    I have added my thoughts on the day to my blog.
    God seems to have been working a treat!

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