National Occupational Standards for Youth Work

ProperlyqualifiedThere is currently a consultation process going on as part of a review of the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work – further info is on the Lifelong Learning site here.
There’s a page about youth work qualifications on the National Youth Agency site here.
And there’s a short article in this month’s Youthwork magazine about the involvement of a group representing Christian youth work agencies (including Centre for Youth Ministry) in this process (but you’ll have to buy Youthwork magazine to read it – plug plug!)

Now I’ve heard it suggested on the local grapevine that from 2008 this will mean that anyone doing youthwork will be required to have an appropriate qualification, including anyone doing youth work in churches. I’m trying to find out a bit more info so are any of you other UK Christian Youth Worker types able to shed any further light or point to any other helpful web links on this one? Ta.

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