West Mersea Prayer Room

Popped down to the West Mersea 24-7 prayer room today. They’re giving the week a specific Stop the Traffik focus on the abolition of slavery and people trafficking and, as usual in these parts, the Colchester Boiler Room Community have been helping out.

The guys in Mersea have got the use of an empty shop which provides oodles of space, three zones (one being the kitchen) and a loo. Even the toilet has a 24-7 prayer vibe about it as the lighting doesn’t work in there so you have to light a candle before you close the door. I’m sure you can think of all sorts of scriptures for this!

This is yet another 24-7 prayer week in our area and embodies the well established pattern of enabling prayer rooms wherever there’s an opportunity. There have already been prayer weeks run in other parts of the town in the week before Christmas, 1-7 January, 21-28 January and 28 Jan – 4 Feb. It’s quite de-centralised and very organic. There’s also now weekly prayer around the town centre late on a Friday night. All of this seems to be building a movement, as each prayer room energises a new bunch of people, many of whom then support subsequent prayer rooms. And you should see the enthusiasm of young people for all this – awesome!

Big respect to Richard, Katy and Michael as they develop this organic prayer community – God’s definitely building something.

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