GodtubeI suppose it was only a matter of time…
…the Christian version of YouTube has arrived in the form of GodTube.
I can’t say I’ve had an extensive look, but it has all the features you’d expect like groups, channels, ‘most recent’, ‘most viewed’ etc.

Apart from the issue of extreme cheese which IMHO has a big tendency to creep into quite a bit of ‘Christian’ content like this, I’m really not sure how GodTube helps, especially with the strap-line, “Broadcast Him”. It makes it sound like something out of Bruce Almighty!

I suppose it has the advantage of keeping the rubbish just a little bit distant from the real world of most video sharing sites thus potentially limiting the embarrassment of the wider Christian community. But then again, it runs the risk that good stuff might end up lost in this Christian video ghetto instead of perhaps being found by people ‘just looking’ on YouTube, Google video or the other manistream video sharing sites. Surely, if we’ve got something worth saying, it’s worth saying it in the place where most people are, rather than in an ‘alternative’ they’re never going to find.

We shall see…

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  1. sally says:

    don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

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