Synchroblog – Persecution/Suffering for Righteousness

Today is SynchroBlog day exploring the theme of persecution for righteousness sake. Here are the contributors:

David Fisher at Be the Revolution
Fishing for Trouble at Phil Wyman’s Square No More
Mike Bursell at Mike’s Musings
Restoring Our View of Humanity at Eternal Echoes
Persecuting the Marginalized at
The Ends Justify the Means at Calacirian
Billy Calderwood at Billy Calderwood
Jamie Swann at More Than Stone
Persecution and Martyrdom at Handmaid Leah
“Don’t squash the counter-revolutionary/the plank in my own eye” fromJeremiah
The Martyrs of Epinga at Notes from the Underground
Terrorism in Christianity at The Rivera Blog
Persecution or Poor Elocution? “Hello,” said Jenelle

As ever, do go have a look at what they have to say on the subject and may I encourage you to post comments by way of encouragement or challenge – it’s what SynchroBlog is all about.

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