Life after Death by PowerPoint

Every now and then someone reaches the edge of despair and blogs about the nightmare of a good presentation spoiled by PowerPoint.
Ian posted eloquently on the subject at Youthblog a while ago, and I’m sure I remember some other bloggers in my RSS reader mentioning something similar. I’ve stayed out of this particular conversation – sometimes it’s best not to start..!

Now, however, new research has finally proven what we all knew all along – that Power Point is a waste of time when it comes to effective communication. Check out this article in The Times.

Fortunately, and much to my relief, PowerPoint as comedy has arrived courtesy of Don McMillan, a US stand up comic with a Masters in Electrical Engineering and many years experience of the computing and technology industries. I think you’ll find he covers most of the top gripes.

Warning – Don’t try your own version of this comedy routine at the church/youth group house party as your contribution to the talent night unless you really know what you’re doing – you wouldn’t want them to confuse it with a normal PowerPoint presentation.

UPDATE 24 Apr: Claire, the pinklady, posted on this a while ago but I’d fogotten about it. She’d picked out this very good, very simple guide to effective powerpointing by Seth Godin which everyone should read!

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4 Responses to Life after Death by PowerPoint

  1. roy says:

    superb…still laughing now!

  2. roy says:

    superb…still laughing now!

  3. Claire says:

    I blogged about this a while back as well, and it’s a topic that makes me want to get up on a soapbox. i love this video. so funny, but with that sting of ‘we’ve all been in presentations like this’. brilliant. good find thanks

  4. Tim Abbott says:

    Claire – I knew I’d seen someone else post on this recently but I couldn’t remember who, so thanks for dropping by. And your Seth Godin link is brilliant, so I’ve updated it to my original post.

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