Unfinished business

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.
[Proverbs 13:12]

I think I’m currently struggling with too much unfinished business, too many things requiring my attention if they’re going to happen. Pride conflicts with peace; the desire to succeed is at war with any divine sense of balance.

A bit of unfinished business is a good thing – it suggests a dream not yet fulfilled, progress towards a purpose, a little more of heaven yet to be incarnated here. But too much unfinished business leaves too much hope deferred and makes the heart sick. Then everything becomes hard work; even the fun stuff (and blogging)!

Taking a day off from unfinished business often leaves a sinking feeling that the day after, everything will all still be there. Part of the problem is that the day off is defined by the very thing it’s escaping from (all that unfinished business!) And working extra hard with a sick heart only makes it worse.

Any business is God’s business; I am God’s business. Both are unfinished, but I don’t sense God getting overly stressed about it. He seems to have the time. The problem, I suspect, is that I choose my perspective too tightly, looking at the unfinished stuff and missing the good things that have happened and are happening. There are loads of dreams fulfilled, each a tree of life bearing fruit and bringing healing.

A heart made sick by delay and disappointment needs healing – reflecting on a few dreams fulfilled seems to be part of the process.

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