Pierced for our transgressions

I’m in a bit of a weird place at the moment. I’m reading a lot but find it hard to put any thoughts into well crafted words (which accounts partially for the apparent blog fast here).
So in the “things I wish I’d written” category for today goes this post from Maggi Dawn, titled Pierced for our transgressions. In it she concludes:

The longer I live, the more I believe that the beauty of the atonement is not that it only works if you believe it in the right way, it’s that it works even if you don’t understand it at all. I’m not going soft on doctrine – I love doctrine with a passion, and I spend a good slice of my life teaching it – but even I have to admit that we aren’t saved by doctrine, and that God can be visibly and awesomely at work in the lives of people whose doctrine is well wide of the mark. The grace and generosity of God is, I’ll grant you, completely outrageous. He seems to insist on including people in the Kingdom of God who are not like me at all. Where does it come from, this need to have doctrinal proof of someone else’s salvation? I have to wonder whether that isn’t precisely the kind of thing that Jesus died to save us from.

Thanks Maggi.

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