Global Day of Prayer

GlobaldayofprayerOn Sunday afternoon I went with a bunch of people from Colchester to the Global Day of Prayer at West Ham football stadium in East London.
Getting in was a bit of an organisational nightmare, but once inside the atmosphere was great. The afternoon was very well programmed and presented which is always a challenge for events like this. Highlight for me was the part where leaders from many nations prayed in turn, each in their own languages, with a united liturgical responses from the 20,000+ strong crowd/congregation.
A fun day out but we came away a little unsure about what these days really achieve relative to the huge organisational and financial investment.

And on the birthday of the church, as we think of Christians around the world it was good to see this article in the Sunday Times highlighting the work of Open Doors and the plight of 200m of our brothers and sisters in places where to be a Christian is to choose to live under a dark shadow.

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