The porn effect

NpcdIn The ‘Porn Effect’ Online Anastasia Goodstein writes about the blurring of porn into the mainstream, particularly with regard to the aspirations and behaviour of teenage girls; for example, the way some post highly sexualised pictures of themselves on their MySpace pages.
Collective have also become acutely aware of this as they maintain their MySpace page, so much so that they periodically check the home pages of the young people who have linked to them to make sure they’re not posting provocative pictures of themselves (or their friends). If they find someone who is posting highly sexualised photos, they’ll email them to explain why they’re hiding or blocking their link. In many cases, surprisingly, it makes a difference. But it’s hardly turning a tide in attitudes.

Anastasia concludes;

Like everything else, the internet is simply reflecting and amplifying a cultural trend. The bigger question is how can we as a culture find new ways to validate girls and young women for achievements that may lead to them finding real power in the world — instead of power defined by a stereotypical male version of female sexuality reflected by the porn industry and now celebrated in mainstream media?

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2 Responses to The porn effect

  1. sally says:

    good post and good questions here Tim, how indeed, we could start by tackling the media- peer pressure and expectations, but all in all I think the problem lise deep within the female psyche and is something that needs much prayer and healing for many… parents need to think about the type of clothing they buy for 3-4 yr olds- they are barely allowed to be children any longer as far as clothing goes…
    ..many people and not just men have much to answer for- look at the womens magazine industry- all models are a certain shape and size….
    I guess we need to learn to celebrate women in new ways- and yet even here the church needs a challenge brought too it- we have too many cake baking flower arranging clones- hardly good role models!

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Sally – Weird isn’t it. Women achieve a level of freedom from male domination only to substitute it for willing domination by the supposed expectations of men. And when the ultimate power is the sexuality of girlpower, the only answer for men is either to respond sexually and be frustrated or dammed, or to shun sexuality and become asexual children again.
    As you say, the church is not always the best role model for healthy sexual interdependence.

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