Street Pastors meeting

QueenstreetTonight is the meeting for anyone interested in being part of a Street Pastors project here in Colchester. We met with church leaders a while ago, following which there has been a surge of interest.
My role, and that of CYO, is really as a catalyst to help get this started which is an awesome privilege. For me, part of mission is about making visible the church that so many people don’t see which is why I’m really excited about the potential for Street Pastors here. I believe passionately that “God is good for Colchester” and I live to see the day this town and it’s people recognise and declare this for themselves. Street Pastors is a valuable part of living that vision.

Update: Wow! 40 people turned up, including two from Essex Police and one from Colchester Borough Council. There’s a real enthusiasm for this project, not only from people from the churches, but also from the Police and Council. We’re on!!

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