No fair trade bananas

NofairtradebananasHere are the banana shelves in Tesco at about 10pm this evening.

Lots of bananas not being bought, and the empty shelf top right? That’s where the Fair Trade bananas were before they sold out.

People shopping with a conscience? Well…

Every little helps!!

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3 Responses to No fair trade bananas

  1. That’s really good to see! It was actually ‘exciting’ to see something so mundane and familiar on a blog actually making a ‘live’ statement about the way things are ‘now’. An example of one of the good things this digital age uniquely makes possible. The banana shelf in Colchester Tesco ‘broadcast’ to the world within minutes… I think I just had an epiphany! Btw, you need to be careful getting a camera out in supermarkets these days. Kate and I came very close to being manhandled out of Asda a couple of months back for using a camera without permission. It was quite alright for them to scrutinize our every move on CCTV however!?

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Nice observation about CCTV. I’m always a bit wary, but camera phones are fairly discreet. Was I checking a text or taking a pic?

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