Goodbye CosmoGIRL!

CosmoGIRL!, the younger sister of women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, is to close with the August issue. The magazine, aimed at 12-17’s pitches it’s brand identity as,

CosmoGIRL! addresses the issues that all teenage girls face today. Confident, sexy and inspiring it reflects all that is exciting and challenging about being teen girl, encouraging CosmoGIRL!s to achieve what they really want from life.

What CosmoGIRL’s want now, it seems, is available online rather than in magazine format, a factor not missed by it’s publishers, The National Magazine Company Ltd, who also produce the CosmoGIRL! offshoot web magazine Jellyfish. However, in a subtle twist Jellyfish will be revamped from September to appeal to Cosmopolitan’s target 18-25 readership rather than it’s original 12-17 readership.
No-one who works with teens will be surprised by this move. The collapse of a number of publications aimed at this age group shows that there is a rapidly diminishing market for a 12-17 readership who can now go to online publications aimed at their much older sisters. Publishers can’t continue to produce magazines for a readership that no longer exists. The ‘adultification’ of teens, their needs, role models and aspirations, continues.

[via: Press Gazette]

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