University Quays Bridge

We were out with Collective and photographer Kirsten today doing a promo shoot. This included visiting the rather lovely footbridge over the railway at University Quays. Collective were doing the posing, Kirsten was doing the photos and I was there to ensure everything went smoothly. However, I managed to grab these pics of the bridge.
I think it’s deserving of another visit but I’m still sussing out how best to capture it.
(Apologies for the moire caused by downsampling!)



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  1. Nice work Tim. Where were you standing to get the shot in the top most one? I reckon that has the most potential as its really different but its a bit distant. What about having them all in their positions but all leaning slightly over the railings. Then you stand on the grass almost under the lowest ramp just up from where the girl at the bottom is standing and then try and capture them all in profile at 90 degrees to them. You would also capture the structural layers of the bridge too perhaps and get them all leaning out against the sky. Did that make any sense? Great location anyway. Do you have a flickr account yet? Jonny Baker has some great stuff on his.

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