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Where does it come from, this youthful desire for utopia?
Fourteen or fifteen years. Enough life to know that life sucks. Everyone knows that.
Or do they?
Growing up in a world that’s unfair, who planted the idea that somehow things should be fair?
Growing up in a world riven with rejection, why the quest for acceptance?
When the recipe for success is to trounce your competitor, why so passionate about (in)justice?
When the law of the jungle is the survival of the fittest, why does extinction even matter?
The dream of love, faithful and true, still burns through the pain of broken relationships.
The pursuit of the numinous ignores a world of hard reality.
Eight out of ten still pray – whispers of secret hopes uttered behind closed doors.
No one taught them to ask.
No one taught them to seek.
No one taught them to knock.
They seem to have been born with it.
They seem to have eternity in their hearts;
Part of their DNA.
The genetic fingerprint of a distant Father
In a long forgotten garden
Where once there was

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3 Responses to Eternity in their hearts – Synchroblog

  1. David says:

    Well done. Very well said.

  2. found that really moving… thanks…

  3. Ah – to try to be genuine in a “un-geniuine” world (and church…)
    Such is all our cross to bear…

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