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This month’s SynchroBlog takes a look at the inclusivity or exclusivity of Christianity. So here are a few thoughts.

We are commissioned to make disciples by the master disciple maker – yet how easily we offer people a formula and expect them to get on with it.
Therefore – stick by people, helping them to become followers of Christ. Who knows, one day they may need to stick by you to help you along too.

God so loved the world, but we so easily love our own.
Therefore – purposefully mix with the world that God loves.

Jesus said to people “You are not far from the Kingdom of God” – we so easily say of people, “They’re going to hell”.
Therefore – never forget that redemption is at the heart of God (there’s a cross to prove it).

We are so easily hard on the world and easy on ourselves, when we should really be harder on ourselves and easier on the world.
Therefore – work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Jesus said “Follow me.” – We say “Join us”.
Therefore – help people to be followers, even if they join with others.

Jesus said “Go into all the world…” – We often appear to be saying “Go to all the meetings”.
Therefore – learn how to encounter God in the world (he’s not just in the meeting).

God’s invitation is inclusive, “Not wanting anyone to perish” – Our response is exclusive, either I say yes to God or I don’t.
Therefore – be an example of graceful invitation towards others and one who says yes to God.

There will be a final judgement – but we seem over eager to pronounce interim judgement.
Therefore – be patient. Who knows who will come in, and who will fall away?

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3 Responses to Christianity – inclusive or exclusive? – Synchroblog

  1. sally says:

    thaough provoking Tim, thanks.

  2. Jenelle says:

    Thanks for distilling this down so well. Your thoughts about interim judgment are unique.

  3. Tim Abbott says:

    Sally & Jenele – thanks for the feedback. This subject has certainly got me thinking…

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