Summer break

The early summer holiday was marked by the now traditional visit of a bouncy castle and about 30 friends to celebrate Dan’s birthday. A truly fab night.


However, over a week later the bouncy castle is still with us (we’re sorting it) and looking very deflated, something of a metaphor for how I’ve been feeling for the last couple of weeks. Nothing in particular, just exhausted I think. So inspiration for deep thought, blogging or other creative activities has been in very short supply and I’ve simply been glad of the opportunity to do less.

There’s some good stuff about to happen this autumn but for now this is just a quick mid-holiday post to prove I’m still here and to pop up unexpectedly in your RSS reader. And while I’m about it, I thought it’s time for a new theme, including reverting to a fixed width layout. A bit of a change is always nice…!

Back soon.

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