Street Pastors – unexpected front page news

Here in Colchester I’m part of a team of people setting up a Street Pastors project. If you’re not familiar with Street Pastors, the basic idea is that teams of suitably trained Christians go out on the streets between 11 and 3 on a Friday night to offer practical help and a listening ear to clubbers and party goers. There are dozens of such schemes around the country. The support we have from the Police and Borough Council is nothing short of amazing, and training is progressing through the autumn for a launch in early December.

GazetteYesterday our local paper, the Evening Gazette ran a front page article about us. We were trying to persuade them to wait until the launch, but they were too determined, phoning me, and other members of the team, about every other day. An abridged version of the article is here. The stunning front page headline…

"Bloody Mary or Hail Mary?"

What was the reporter thinking?!!!

Oh well, the rest of the article was ok and it’s certainly got people talking.

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