West Bergholt Road bridge

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West Bergholt Road bridge, originally uploaded by timabbott.

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5 Responses to West Bergholt Road bridge

  1. I love this one Tim! Great work getting “The Plough” in there too. Your camera is the bizness obviously!

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The engineer in me rejoiced when they put this up – there’s a structural elegance about bowstring girders and what a neat touch to paint it blue!
    My only slight disappointment was that I’d forgotten to turn off the auto ISO function which, in low light, means the camera defaulted to 1600ISO rather than the 400 I had set. The original therefore has more noise than I would like.
    “The Plough” was a pure bonus!

  3. Sally says:

    truly and unusually beautiful

  4. This is now my current desktop. Im really keen to try some of this long exposure stuff myself soon. Did you see the recent pics on Jonny Bakers blog? His son’s mate Bhav had done some wicked ones of london traffic.

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