Not at the Youthwork conference

So many people have posted about going to the Youthwork conference in Eastbourne that I feel compelled to let you know I won’t be there to meet up or buy you a coffee because we’re looking after this…


GSUS Live is a mobile RE multimedia classroom that gets students thinking about how the teaching of Jesus still relates to the situations faced by teenagers today. It’s making a huge impact with students and staff and this weekend we’ll be overseeing it’s move from one school to another, ready for next week.

However, Kat and Laura from Collective will be at the Youthwork conference so please look out for them on the Innervation Trust stand and say hi!   

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3 Responses to Not at the Youthwork conference

  1. Sally says:

    We had the GSUS classromm with us for 2 weeks, it was great, lots of young folk came back to ask questions at lunchtime and after school.

  2. claire says:

    I was one of them who said they were going to the conference and did and it was great. But Gsus live spent 7 weeks in Hereford this summer and it was awesome. Hope your time was really good – we had a blast on it!

  3. Tim Abbott says:

    It’s been great fun and has had a huge impact in the 4 schools it’s visited this time.
    Shame that the booking lead time is about 3 years though!

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